The Pages

AKI > Roland Sips - September 13th, 2013

This robust book is the last masterpiece of graphical wunderkind Roland Sips. Pages out of books, magazines and catalogues, words and images, also found, are transferred with the Toshiba 1550 copy-machine into pure graphite. Synthesis bringing new associations about form and content, synchronicity, serendipity, double interpretable or just plain idiotism.

150 in stock


• 20 x 27 centimeter

• over 400 delicate pages

• published in a limited edition of 333 copies

Plus extra 20 page booklet THE WORDS with contributions by: Kars Persoon, Fredie Beckmans, Frits Marnix Woudstra, Esther Polak, Jan Dierman, Jan van Diermen, Pieter Holstein, Johannes Buch, Lao Tzu, Anika Franke, Gijs Müller and Peter Müller.



Weight: 2

Dimensions: 20cm (w)
27cm (l)
4cm (h)


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